Paneurhythmy is a sacred dance. Its music and movement were created by the Bulgarian spiritual Master Peter Deunov (1864–1944 Bulgaria). The word paneurhythmy signifies 'supreme cosmic rhythm.' Pan means 'total, universal, cosmic'; eu means 'true, supreme, emanating from the essence of all things', and ritmia refers to 'the correct regularity of all movement'. The Master [...]


The Universal White Brotherhood – Work for the Whole World

The happiness of humanity lies in brotherhood 'If Heaven ever gave me an opportunity to speak to the world this is what I would say: “Hear me, all you rich and poor, knowledgeable and ignorant! … The reason you are in trouble, the reason for all your problems and difficulties is that you do [...]

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Flowers in God’s Garden – Banish the Blues

In this short extract from the teachings of Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov, the Master explains how we can overcome the feelings of heaviness we may sometimes experience in our journey through life. We can learn to banish the blues by rediscovering the sense of life's beauty, poetry and wonder: Flowers in God's garden There are [...]

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