Respect for Nature

//Respect for Nature

Respect for Nature

Be attentive to nature and its invisible inhabitants

Disciples are extremely attentive to nature and all its invisible inhabitants. For them, the earth is alive and sacred and peopled with innumerable creatures. You might think, ‘What difference does it make whether I treat the earth with respect or not? It doesn’t feel anything; I’m not doing it either any good or any harm. Very true, but if I say that you should treat the earth with respect, it is not for the sake of the earth but for your own sake, If you pay attention to stones, plants and animals, your awareness of the invisible world will develop much more readily. You have probably never thought of that. To be a disciple of an initiatic teaching is to develop the awareness that all of nature is alive, and consequently to respect,care for and protect it in all its forms; it is to develop a profoundly constructive spirit.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov A New Earth

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