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Art & Music Congress

Come and join us for an immersive long weekend of music and art at the Doves Nest.

The singing workshop will comprise of coming together every morning as a whole and learn some beautiful choir repertoire from scratch. This is an opportunity to be in harmony through singing and to be inspired as part of a creative artistic weekend. By the end of the weekend we will sing something from what we have learned all together. No prior knowledge necessary. Just enthusiasm for singing.

The Art workshop will take place in the garden and we will seek inspiration from Nature. You will be invited to tap into your creative self through journaling, short guided meditations, monoprinting, watercolour painting and drawing. Monoprinting techniques will be offered. All art forms welcome, no prior knowledge necessary.

‘Lead your imagination into heavenly places and let it contemplate those worlds of beauty, so that it may then reflect them. The imagination is a messenger: you can send it far, far away to register and bring back to you the splendours of Heaven itself. Many painters, poets and musicians have found inspiration in this manner.’
Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov, extract from the book Creation:Artistic and Spiritual, p.44

We ask that you come for the whole 4 days (even if you live locally) to create harmony and continuity. All are welcome for the Sunday meeting starting at 12noon

Accommodation at The Doves Nest.
Please note that all rooms are shared.
Only a limited number of rooms are available, so book early.
Some rooms have sinks in and there are separate bathroom facilities.
Full accommodation for 4 days (bed and 3 meals a day) in a shared room = £120.00.
Please pay a deposit of £50.00 by the 16/5/22 and the remainder by the 23/5/22.

There are also limited camping spaces available. Please bring your own tent and bedding.
Cost = £80.00 for the 4 days including meals + use of bathroom facilities.

Day Attendees only
That is for anyone who lives locally (has their own transport) and can get here each day between 10.00am till 7.30pm in the evening.
A deposit of £20.00 is required on booking which will go towards the cost of meals (includes lunch and supper).
Full cost of meals = £60.00 for four days.

Spaces are limited so please let the Doves Nest know by ASAP if you wish to join.
email: uwb@dovesnest.org

Contact The Doves Nest if you need more information
Local bed and breakfasts and airbnbs are available in the area

Bank details: Account no. 60824999 Sort code: 60-06-27.
Use your name as a reference when paying.

Download the brochure and timetable here.

For map and directions go to: https://omraam-uwb.uk/map-and-directions/

‘While you listen to music, therefore, work with it, use it to form all the things you wish for in your mind. You want so many things and yet you do nothing to get them! Music gives you very favourible conditions, for it creates an atmosphere highly conducive to mental activity: like a strong wind, it fills your sails and drives your ship before it towards a new world, a divine world. Music is a powerful aid in making things come true.’
Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov, extract from the book Creation:Artistic and Spiritual, p.97