The Universal White Brotherhood connects all living beings

Universal brotherhood is the ideal of the coming age of Aquarius. The name ‘Universal White Brotherhood’ is inclusive of both men and women. It refers to an international, multi-racial group of human beings who strive towards the same ideal of self-transformation and perfection. But it also includes all the most luminous, noble beings who work tirelessly for the evolution of humanity. In the Aquarian age, human consciousness will become more universal. We will feel our vital connection to all the kingdoms of nature, not just to rocks, plants and animals (vegetarianism is recommended) and to our fellow human beings, but also to higher, invisible life forms, the angels, archangels and divinities.

Visitors to the Universal White Brotherhood communities throughout the world try to put the spiritual philosophy and practical methods of two Aquarian masters (Peter Deunov and Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov) into practice in everyday life. We strive to create a warm, fraternal atmosphere of light and harmony; meditating together, listening to beautiful music, singing and taking meals together in a communal meditation hall. The atmosphere that is created through these activities gives everyone the conditions they need to overcome those negative human tendencies that are the cause of conflict and hostility between people and nations.

From Bulgarian origins to world-wide movement

The Universal White Brotherhood movement was originally founded in 1900 by the Bulgarian master, Peter Deuvov (Beinsa Deuno) who originally trained as a priest but whose universal consciousness made him unsuited to the rigidity and narrowness of the orthodox church. He rebelled against the church’s rejection of reincarnation and started to give public lectures which breathed new life into the traditional understanding of the gospels. These attracted large numbers of followers who participated in annual congresses in the Rila mountains. His work was continued by Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov who took his teaching to France in 1937.

Mikhael Aivanhov as young man

The movement of the Universal White Brotherhood soon spread to Switzerland, then to the rest of Western Europe and North and South America. It has since then gathered momentum, with groups and centres flourishing in the former Soviet Union, in the Congo and on every continent in the world except Antarctica.

Photo: Mikhael Aivanhov on his arrival in France

Brotherhood- an Aquarian ideal

The word ‘brotherhood’ is surprisingly mentioned just once in the Gospels and yet only the spirit of brotherliness, the recognition that all human beings are sons or daughters of the same creative force, is capable of resolving all the conflict and crime in the world today. This ‘brotherliness’ is by no means easy to achieve though, when even our nearest and dearest can sometimes drive us up the wall! A high spiritual ideal is needed and practical methods to help transform the egotism of our lower nature.

The new cosmic currents of the coming Aquarian era will help us in this task as they will gradually bring about a shift in consciousness. Humans will no longer limit their attention to their own personal lives; they will have evolved sufficiently to take an interest in answering much bigger questions, in thinking of issues that affect the wider community. In their desire to create a world where all without exception live in freedom and happiness, they will stimulate unknown inner forces and become capable of making this altruistic ideal a reality.

The coming paradigm shift will be as great and as far-reaching as the shift in consciousness that took place when the geocentric view of the universe was replaced by Copernicus and Galileo’s revelations that the Sun, not the Earth, was at the centre of our solar system!

The Sun is the perfect symbol of universality

Through their Aquarian teachings, Peter Deunov and Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov were also attempting to restore the Sun to its rightful place in human consciousness; to provoke, as Galileo did, a renaissance! They considered it the most perfect symbol of universality that exists, a splendid image of the Cosmic Christ, for it pours its light, warmth and life on all creatures, saints and criminals alike. Whether or not humans appreciate it, it just keeps on shining, it continues to give unconditionally. And just as the Sun is the centre of our solar system, around which all the planets revolve, our spirit needs to be the centre of our inner life, for then it becomes a factor capable of harmonising our destructive instinctive and emotional tendencies, such as anger, jealousy and self-centredness.

Surya Yoga

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov occasionally spoke of a long distant era, still alive to Hindu mythology, in which humans lived for millennia in a state of happiness, free from war, hostility and greed thanks to their universal consciousness. It is known as the ‘golden age’ of Ram and, similar to the ancient Egyptians, their inspiration was the warmth, light and life-giving properties of the Sun. They would breathe in its golden rays as the aurora spread over the horizon and in this way, they regenerated themselves, living to a long age in a state of perfect health and inner equilibrium. He coined a term for this practice, ‘Surya Yoga’ (from the Sanskrit for Sun) and today it is the central spiritual exercise of participants at the summer and Easter congresses at centres of the Universal White Brotherhood.

Students and disciples all over the world have cherished memories of climbing up to the ‘rock of prayer’ while stars are still throbbing in the clear, indigo skies of Southern France. There is often a long chain of brothers and sisters ascending the rock together and we inwardly say prayers of gratitude to the creator as we climb; we ask to vibrate in harmony with all universal life, we greet the angels of the four elements and the nature spirits, the gnomes, undines, sylphs and salamanders and link ourselves to the angels and the four cardinal archangels, Gabriel, Raphael, Mikhael and Uriel.

Then we sit totally still, breathing deeply the early morning prana, listening to the birdsong and watching the pink and orange hues on the horizon until a total hush in nature announces the arrival of the Sun’s first rays. Concentrating on capturing these rays is a practice that not only benefits us spiritually; it also improves our psychic states and our physical health and vitality. Other essential methods of the Universal White Brotherhood, include the yoga of nutrition, working with music, singing and making exchanges with the vitalising forces of nature. It is thanks to these methods that visitors to its communities are able to achieve a state of harmony and brotherly/sisterly goodwill.

Renaissance- a new, solar culture

If humanity is able to welcome these new Aquarian currents with open hearts and minds, if we succeed in rising to a universal, sun-centred consciousness and if we choose to manifest our more spiritual Self whose nature is generous, selfless, truly disinterested and intelligent, then we are on the brink of a magnificent future.

Meditation Hall

There will be another renaissance. A new sunlit culture will arise as humans learn to fully manifest all the potential of their creative Selves, drawing inspiration from the Sun, from nature and from the spiritual science and philosophy of the great Aquarian masters. Values will change when true intelligence and success are measured, not by how much money or status has been acquired, but by the ability to help others, to enlighten, heal, and comfort others, to make them happy and bring them peace.

Human beings will learn to love and respect the intelligent beings that animate nature and will no longer pollute and ravage the Earth, their mother. There will be new art forms truly expressing the beauties of life, a new education, a new science and a new universal religion, freed from dogma and sectarianism. Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov has even described a new way of loving and bringing children into the world, a new way of eating, sleeping and working!

As Peter Deunov says in one of his sacred songs:

“Brothers and sisters, the age of unity is dawning.

Forward! Let us create together a glorious future!

A future of peace and love.”

Napred, napred za slava!

This article was first published in New Zealand in the Rainbow News 2009 and in A New Dawn, Australia 2010

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