Activities at the Doves Nest

Collective life in the brotherhood is rich with opportunities for spiritual development that allow our faculties of heart, mind and will to develop in a balanced, harmonious way. And this helps us to unfold gradually the riches of our soul and spirit – as well as being beneficial to our physical health!

The peaceful atmosphere of the Ashdown Forest is a perfect place to practise Surya Yoga. After meditation, we do six short gymnastic movements in the garden. There is collective meditation on light at midday and an opportunity to watch a videoed lecture of Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov. We then practise the yoga of nutrition by eating a vegetarian meal together.

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The Synoptic Table- the Key to Life

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Surya Yoga

The Gymnastics

spiritual gymnastics

Collective Work

The Yoga of Nutrition

Song Practice



Collective Meditation on Light

Collective meditation at sunrise, Bonfin

Video Lecture

Exchanges with Nature

Bluebells at the Doves Nest, UK

‘ The work you do once you are engaged in the spiritual life is very different from everything you are used to. It is not a matter of doing manual work somewhere or being busy in an office. It is more a question of developing the divine nature given to us by our heavenly Father. This nature is stifled and buried in everyday life by all sorts of activities. By preoccupations which are not really divine. It is a waste of time to go to an initiatic school with the idea of carrying out the same activities there as you do in the world. You will feel alone and even rejected. Not so much by the people you will meet there, but by the very atmosphere of the school. You will have the feeling you’re in a foreign land. If you wish to find the right conditions to restore order and harmony within yourselves, to allow your divine nature to blossom, and to undertake great work for the good of the whole world,  turn to an initiatic school. For then will always be accepted and welcomed!’

 Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov