Concentrating on light

The Master Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov introduced into our collective meditations on light one he referred to as ‘the laser’. This is practised regularly by brothers and sisters of the Universal White Brotherhood at their meetings in groups and centres all over the world.

He called it the ‘laser’ because everyone tries to concentrate their whole mind on imagining the white light of the sun. The Master explained that by focusing on exactly the same image, our thought becomes synchronised. This makes it infinitely more powerful than if we were meditating alone or on different subjects. In fact, if we are all able to focus intensely, we become collectively capable of producing a great beam of light which we can then direct to help humanity.

At the Doves Nest, we practise the laser just before the midday lecture and also after breakfast and before the evening meal. The meditation lasts for about 15 minutes including about 10 minutes of classical music at the beginning.

Light! Nothing else matters! An extract from A New Earth

When we are meditating together in silence, put all you cares to one side and concentrate on light as though everything, even your very life, depended on it. Imagine that you are living your last moments, that you are about to leave the world and that you must cling to light. For it is the only thing that can save you. Light! Nothing else matters.

Picture it white and brilliantly incandescent, and join your voice to that of the initiates, who declare, “I am a particle of particles of the incandescent soul.” You can conjure up a vision of purple, blue, green, yellow, orange and red light. It is preferable to work with white light though, for white light combines the qualities of all the other colours in one.

White light contains the omnipotence of purple, the peace and truth of blue, the wealth and eternal youth of green, the wisdom and knowledge of yellow. It has the health, vigour and vitality of orange, the activity and dynamic energy of red. But it is white light that is primordial.

Try to become capable of being totally focused on light. For then you will begin to sense it as a vibrant, throbbing, quivering ocean of peace, happiness and joy. And you will also begin to perceive it as perfume and music. This is the cosmic music which we call the music of the spheres, the song of the universe.

There is no more worthy, more glorious or more potent work than this work with light. If you really want to devote yourself to something truly great and noble, this is it; there is none other.

Radiating light for the whole world – another collective meditation

Concentrate and imagine that you are all enveloped in a brilliant sheath of light that radiates with such splendour that our gathering forms an immense sun, a sun capable of lighting up the whole world. Each one of you should feel like a luminous sun, pulsing and shimmering with light. Imagine this sun is sending out rays that join and mingle with the light from all the others to form a single gigantic sun.

Then introduce this sun into your heart and mind and contemplate the multi – coloured rays flowing from it. While you are doing this exercise, forget everything else and, all together, concentrate on radiating light for the whole world.

The video below contains some of these quotations with  images of light.


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