Why belong to a spiritual brotherhood?

Sometimes people ask, ‘Why do we need to meet up with others to practise our spirituality? It’s true that we can pray and meditate in the comfort of our own homes but Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov explained how helpful  collective life is for spiritual progress. In this extract from the Daily Meditations, he explains the many benefits of collective life:

Why belong to a spiritual brotherhood? There are many reasons; one of them being that a spiritual community gives its members the best conditions in which to transform themselves and to advance. Even if they wish to improve themselves, those who remain alone do not always have the will to continue their efforts: For a short while they do their exercises, but then they give up and no one knows when they will start again… and give up once more. It is easier in a community because they are stimulated and supported.

Yes, by virtue of example, those around us have an enormous influence on us. So many people, whether through debauchery, alcohol, drugs or crime, have done things which they would never have done on their own! If we admit that a group has the power to lead people into wrong-doing, why not accept that it can be equally powerful in leading them towards what is beneficial?

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov


Other benefits of collective life

Collective life in the brotherhood is very enriching. At meetings, we come into contact with a diverse group of people. Brotherhood life is symbolically like a shared picnic. Everyone brings a dish they have prepared to share with the others. Each brings their particular qualities and virtues and sometimes characteristics that can be used to make antidotes! Even if we only contribute a radish, symbolically speaking, everyone  benefits from what the others have brought to the table.

Collective tasks at the Doves Nest

During the weekends and congresses at the Doves Nest, there are many activities which give us an opportunity to work with others in a spirit of brotherhood. For example, working in the garden, helping with the food preparation, setting the tables for the collective meal or washing up. These are all opportunities to connect with others who share the same ideal. Through these collective tasks that  we do for the good of the whole, we weave the bonds of brotherly and sisterly love.

Collective life helps us to expand our consciousness.

Practising our spirituality in close proximity to others is perhaps the best way to accelerate our progress and evolution. It forces us to leave the narrow confines of our personal life and expand our consciousness. It makes our attitude towards other people more attentive, loving and respectful.

‘Why is it so difficult for humans to live together? Because they do not show one another enough attention or respect. Collective life as practised in a spiritual brotherhood is also a wonderful opportunity for its members to evolve and expand their consciousness. Those who lead a solitary life can be selfish and temperamental. There is no one standing next to them, no one for whom they must try to watch and improve their behaviour. But as soon as they begin to have anything to do with other people, what an effort – and it’s so hard!

When people are aware that they belong to a whole that is much greater than themselves and are careful not to allow their actions, thoughts and feelings – their internal noise – to disturb the harmony, it shows that they are evolved. You will say, ‘What do you mean by their internal noise?’ Yes, all noise is the result of a dissonance. The internal noise that humans make with their feelings, torments and rebellions disturbs the psychic atmosphere. Those who make a noise are unaware that they are also harming themselves. For one day this noise will take the form of psychological or even physical problems.’

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

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