The video published below is about the high ideal held by disciples of Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov and Peter Deunov. It was originally given by Peter Deunov to his disciples in Bulgaria. When, the then, Mikhael Aivanhov came to France he gave the ideal to the followers that quickly gathered around him and it is an important formula- an aspirations towards spiritual perfection- used in brotherhood meetings throughout the world.

This is the full text of the Youtube short:

Try to remain silent; let silence penetrate your being. Then, your unfettered mind will become capable of the most luminous creations. It is the little things that surge up from below that hinder our powers of thought: the worries, sorrows, grudges and all the prosaic cares of everyday life.

Only by freeing your mind will you be able to build a high ideal within yourself and continually embellish, strengthen, amplify, intensify and divinize it, adding to it a purer, more beautiful and altruistic element every day.

For an ideal is a real, powerful living being that dwells in heavenly realms, and from its dwelling place on high, it watches over you and keeps you from straying. It protects, instructs and inspires you.

The High Ideal:

Have a heart as pure as crystal

A mind as luminous as the sun

A soul as vast as the universe

And a spirit as powerful as God and one with God