Ten-minute daily movements

The spiritual gymnastics are a series of physical exercises that Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov recommends disciples to do every morning. They take about ten minutes to perform and are not physically demanding. In fact, they are not meant to help develop physical muscles but to strengthen the nervous system for that is where our life force and energy actually come from. Here are a few of the Master’s words (taken from A New Earth) and a Youtube video (subtitled in English). You can see the Master himself performing the exercises at the Bonfin, the international centre in the south of France, where he taught every summer for three months.

Physical energy comes from the nervous system

‘There are days when you can walk and run, pick up heavy loads and transport them from one place to another. You wonder where you find the energy to do all that. And then there are days when the slightest gesture costs an effort, and you have to drag yourself through the day. What has happened to you? It is simply that the energy – the electric current, the impulse has ceased to flow from your brain to your muscles. So your muscles remain flabby. And where is that energy supposed to come from? From your nervous system. That is why you must learn to protect and strengthen it.

And this is precisely what we are doing with the gymnastic exercises, for they reach certain centres in our nervous system and nourish, strengthen and harmonise them. And then we become capable of carrying out the most formidable tasks.’

The Master demonstrates the exercises at the Bonfin

‘There is an extremely important rule known to Initiatic Science, according to which each of our activities must reach all three worlds: the physical world, the world of feeling, and the world of thought. If you really knew how to work on the level of the three worlds you would obtain powerful results: results that would benefit not only you but the whole brotherhood and even the whole world. I have shown you how the word – whether it is said out loud or not – becomes effective when it accompanies a gesture, a feeling, a thought, an intention, a movement of the will.’   Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov


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