The Master Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov would often say he was simply a sign post, directing us towards the sun. For the sun is the  source of life, sending out a constant stream of forces. All creatures receive its love, warmth and life, whether they are conscious of it or not.

As disciples, we try to make these exchanges with the sun consciously. So every year, with the return of spring we watch the sunrise when possible. When we contemplate the sunrise we begin to feel it bringing blessings of life and light to the earth and all creation:

‘The rays of the sun can be likened to little wagons filled with provisions. They travel at great speed to earth where they deposit all their treasures – the sun’s power is not only merely energy on the physical plane. Light is a living spirit which comes from the sun and has a direct contact with our spirit.’

The sun is the centre

The sun is the physical centre of our solar system around which the planets revolve, but it also represents the spiritual centre within humans. It helps us to find our own true centre.

‘The sun must simply be a way of finding God, our inner sun. Each day by contemplating it, exposing ourselves to its rays and identifying with it we increase our divine light, warmth and life.’

When we are able to still our everyday thoughts and feelings and approach the sun with an open attitude its blessings become so evident to us. We find the sun itself can help us find the right attitude if we make the first move:

Learn to vibrate with the sun

‘As you watch the sunrise, immerse yourself in this light, in this ocean of vibrating, pulsating life. Imagine you are swimming in it, merging with it, breathing it, drinking it. Let yourself become absorbed in this brightness until you feel all your cares, your doubts and your darkness dissolve in it.
When you have learned how to merge with the sunlight, it will be with you everywhere you go. It will infuse all the cells of your body which will begin to vibrate in unison with the spirit of the sun.’

Quotes from ‘Light is a Living Spirit’ P214AN

A quick health and safety note:  Looking at the sun directly can damage the retina, so the master urged us to wear sunglasses while watching the sunrise.

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