Learning to live consciously

The yoga of nutrition teaches us to eat in a more conscious, spiritually aware way. Most of us eat three meals a day. This gives us three opportunities a day to work on ourselves!

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov always stressed the importance of the way we live our everyday life. By changing our attitude towards life and how we go about our daily tasks that we can gradually expand our consciousness and become aware of the inherent beauty in ourselves and all life around us.

The teaching given by the Master deals mainly with subjects concerning life: how to preserve it, purify it, renew it and sublimate it. Because, as he says, it is by focusing on life and by learning how to breathe it, eat it, drink it and radiate it that we will one day experience all the other sciences being revealed to us.

‘Self-education must begin with a conscious, sensible way of eating. Those who respect the laws of nutrition will feel calm and unruffled; they will achieve control, self-mastery and peace… If you want to have inexhaustible reserves of nervous energy and be in command of our physical body and our emotions and feelings, chew the food for a long time, slowly, consciously and with love.’ 

P0225AN Harmony and Health

The yoga of nutrition transforms our life

Nutrition is of prime importance, and it has a profound and transformative effect on our lives, which reaches far beyond the mere act of nourishing our physical body. It is an exchange not only with the material but also with the subtler levels of the universe.

‘Life is nothing more than an endless exchange between the universe and the tiny atoms that we represent. Cosmic life flows into humans, who impregnates it with their own emanations before sending it back into the universe. Once again they absorb this life and, once again, they returns it. It is this ongoing exchange between humans and the universe that we call nutrition, that we call respiration, that we also call love.”’

P0204AN The Yoga of Nutrition

Nutrition is an exchange of energy

Nutrition is a continuous exchange of energy between two worlds: we have to exchange with the earth in order to live on the physical plane, the plane of the physical body; we have to exchange with water to live on the astral plane, the plane of the heart and feelings; we have to exchange with air in order to live on the mental plane, the plane of the mind and thoughts and we have to exchange with fire and light in order to live on the plane of our soul and spirit.

‘We eat in order to release the energy that is locked up in food. It is the sun that has compressed its energy into the fruits and vegetables that we eat. It sends it to the earth and the plants absorb it in an etheric form and then condense it so that it takes up very little space. And animals and humans do exactly the reverse when they eat, for to eat is to disintegrate matter in order to release the forces stored up in it by the sun.

When we chew it, it becomes liquid that releases a certain form of power, for the gaseous element escaping from the liquid that compressed and imprisoned it needs to spread and expand, and in doing so it triggers other processes. Subsequently, the gaseous element releases an etheric element, giving rise to even greater power which goes to nourish other regions and set other elements in motion.’ 

P0225AN Harmony and Health

This is the secret of life!

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