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This event has passed.

Due to current government Covid-19 guidance, the meeting in London at Westminster Quaker Meeting House on Saturday 21 March has been cancelled.

However you are invited to link up and join in a collective meeting the details of which are below.

The program is as follows (use the PLAY links to listen or watch):

2:15pm Meditation reading.
Light – attracting it to oneself to project it into the world

“Make a habit of concentrating on light. Think that you are attracting it, introducing it into yourself, so that it fills your whole being with particles of the greatest purity. And when you feel that this light has become a part of you, make a practice of sending it out into space to help all your brothers and sisters on earth. So many people, using the excuse that they have no gifts or remarkable qualities, think they are justified in letting themselves go and leading a mediocre life! No, no one is justified in behaving that way. Even the most destitute and deprived person can do this work with light and so achieve something more important than anything that can be achieved in a great number of areas by others who are gifted and able. Even the most destitute of people has the potential to acquire this higher state of consciousness, with which they can attract light to themselves and project it onto all the created beings in the world.”

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

2:20pm Sing three songs (the link includes silences between each song)

Sila Zdrave E Bogatstvo
Tagui Skarbi

2:30pm. You tube lecture by Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

Purity is the foundation of all spiritual acquisitions (13:32)

2:45pm – Music: Messiah (6:53)

Comfort ye my people
And he shall purify

5-6mins silent meditation sending light and prayers to the whole world.

3pm – Say the High ideal together three times

Have a heart as pure as crystal
A mind as luminous as the sun
A soul as vast as the universe
And a spirit as powerful as God and one with God.

Thank you for your participation.