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Come and join us for an immersive bank holiday weekend of music and singing at the Doves Nest, a centre of Light based on the Ashdown Forest. 

The mornings will comprise of a singing workshop, in which we will learn some beautiful choir repertoire from scratch, some of it lighter in style, some of it highly sacred. We will aim to sing with a conscious intention of joining our vibrations all together in unity, harmony and peace, with an awareness that in doing so we are able to influence in our own small way the entire world. No prior experience of singing is necessary, just plenty of enthusiasm for an important personal and cosmic work. 

The afternoons will feature workshops on rhythm and collective games for harmonising the group into a cohesive “ensemble”. This will be followed by brief talks on the use of music as a spiritual tool to enable self-transformation in light of the spiritual teaching of the spiritual Master Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov, and by way of example a closer look at the spiritual mission of Ludwig van Beethoven, his life and his work.   

Spaces are limited so please let the Doves Nest know by ASAP if you wish to join. email: uwb@dovesnest.org

See the flyer HERE for more details