What can we do to boost immunity?

Living under the threat of the virus,  most of us are searching for ways to boost our immunity. Here are some extracts from ‘Harmony and Health’ where the master outlines the basics on how to strengthen our bodies’  natural defences against illness. One of the most essential conditions is an orderly life, lived in harmony with nature, ourself and each other. The book describes how we can preserve and stimulate the wellspring of living forces that inhabit our body. These forces are capable of keeping us in radiant health:

‘If you want to maintain and improve your health, rely on yourself rather than on medical science. Try, especially, to live in conditions that strengthen your body’s defences. Remember that Nature, which produces and supports the micro-organisms causing illnesses, also possesses the means of curing them.

Begin by focusing on what is alive within you, and strengthen that. You need to understand that living elements alone can counteract illness. Suppose you have an abscess or a wound. If the living entities in your system that are capable of closing the wound or getting rid of the impurities in the abscess are chloroformed because of the disorderly nature of your life, the abscess or wound will become septic. You can use all the disinfectants, ointments and dressings you like, but if the entities do not have the conditions in which to do their work properly, the external remedies will remain ineffectual.

If, on the other hand, your inner workers can work unhindered, even if there is no external intervention from anything or anyone, they will cure everything. It is clear then that you should change your attitude to health, and consider every way possible of intensifying the life within you.’

Our way of life establishes the conditions for health or illness

To be in good health, you must first become aware that your physical body is like a battlefield on which the forces of life and death confront each other. If you live a disordered, chaotic life, you feed the forces of disintegration in your organism and these will work against your well-being.

If, on the other hand, you embrace the light, if you change your mindset and decide to work in harmony with divine law, you will be supporting the guardians of your organism, and the forces of destruction are neutralized. This is how we either strengthen or weaken the forces of life or death. So keep watch over yourself and become more sensible, since it is by your way of life that you establish within you the conditions for health or illness.

Harmony is the most effective weapon against illness

If you want to restore your health, you should think of nothing but harmony: day and night strive to conform, to be synchronised, to accord and align yourself with Life, with limitless, cosmic life. For this is what true harmony is. It is not enough to be in harmony with a few individuals: your husband or wife, your children, parents, neighbours and friends. You need to be in harmony with Universal Life.

Unfortunately, many people are in perfect accord with a few mediocre individuals and completely out of tune with Universal Life. Little, by little, that lack of harmony filters into every nook and cranny of their being and takes possession of them and then, one day, it shows up in the form of illnesses.

If that happens, you must tidy everything within you up, clean and purify yourself. And then, after a while, you will be rejuvenated, luminous and radiant. The only thing is, of course, you have to be very strong-minded and very much aware; you have to take it seriously.’

Extracts from ‘Harmony and Health’  by Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

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