‘The aim of spiritual life is to lead us to a higher state of consciousness called divine love. For true love, the kind that draws us closer to God, is a state of consciousness.’ Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

There is a song in the UWB called Rannen Cas (Early Morning) which is a hymn to the new life that is born of this love. It evokes the image of the sun rising on a new day and it ends –

‘Listen to my voice! These soft sounds are calling you; to there, where an eternal love reigns.’    Rannen Cas   Peter Deunov

Divine Love can only be found above

Wouldn’t most of us agree that, in the depths of our being, we consciously or unconsciously seek this eternal, unchanging love? But  our attempts to find such a love are mostly predestined to fail because we look for it too low down, in the wrong places.

Another song, Bog e loubov (God is love) suggests that the ‘true’ love we seek can only be experienced as the result of living a luminous life:

‘We will walk along the path of light where divine love reigns’.


The teachings of Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov are like sign posts (sometimes traffic lights!) along this path of light. They explain that love, like life, has an infinite number of degrees: God’s life manifests itself through tigers and crocodiles; through the purity of angels and divinities, and through all the varying degrees of life in between.

In the same way, the energy of God’s love expresses itself according to the nature of the conductor it passes through; just as electricity manifests sometimes as movement, sometimes as heat and at other times as light.

This is why we all understand love according to our state of consciousness; it is often impossible to describe what we feel in words.

Divine love: in the words of the master

However, when a master such as Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov speaks of the higher degrees of love, he gives us a precious preview of what is to come. His words are like openings into a hitherto unknown world of light, providing glimpses of pure beauty and joy.  They make wonderful starting points for meditation and can stimulate our efforts to raise our own level of consciousness. Here is a selection of short extracts from his books which describe some of the facets of divine love:

Divine Love is a higher state of consciousness

‘The aim of spiritual life is to lead us to a higher state of consciousness we call divine love. For true love, the kind that draws us closer to God, is a state of consciousness. It is impossible to describe it, nor can it be explained to those who are not ready to experience it; all we can do is try to lead them to it gradually. Those who attain this state of consciousness feel inwardly linked to the whole universe. They are then like an instrument, the cords of which vibrate in unison with all that exists. They are inhabited by a deep sense of peace, and above all they feel immense benevolence towards all beings. They do not know why they feel so well-disposed towards them. They simply sense that these feelings have entered their heart and soul, causing them to behave with kindness and understanding, and that they are connecting with the deep essence of creation.’

The passage above hints at why music and the singing of sacred songs play such a prominent part in brotherhood meetings. Harmonious sounds gradually tune our subtle bodies to capture the vibrations of spiritual love.

The following extract speaks of how to manifest a more universal, unconditional love. When we consciously send out light-filled thoughts to other beings, we release invisible particles into space and these are like so many good fairies bearing light to all those they encounter. So without our knowing it, we can be a beneficial presence wherever we go:


Love is becoming a beneficial presence for the entire world.

‘Let the spring of love flow within you. Through your thoughts, your feelings, your wishes, your words, let it gush forth over all the creatures and objects around you and beyond, on the trees, the mountains, the oceans. Even if you are by yourself, remember to utter words of peace, of hope and of joy for all human beings on earth, knowing that these words will have an effect somewhere, no matter where. You do not yet know what it is possible to achieve with love. And since we can only give to others what we possess ourselves, try first to establish harmony and light within you, and then, once you feel you have succeeded in making this harmony and light real within you, in your heart and your soul, project them into space. This is what working with love is all about: becoming a beneficial presence for the entire world.’

Through the purification of our physical and subtle bodies, the subtle centres (chakras) begin to function within us. Once these spiritual senses are working, we can learn to find love throughout the whole of nature and in all creatures; without becoming dependent on other human beings for our happiness and well-being:

Learn to find love everywhere

‘Why do most people always need a man or a woman in order to feel love? This is often the root cause of all their unhappiness, limitations, difficulties and dependence. It’s true that love is life; it is absolutely indispensable to us. Initiates are no exception, they cannot live without it but they look for it and gather it from all around them and then they distribute it in all directions. They are constantly immersed in love; they breathe, eat and contemplate love, they think of love ceaselessly. This is why their happiness and fulfilment are not dependant on possessing a man or woman: they already have love. Love is in them and all around them, gushing up and sparkling like a spring of water, filling them to overflowing, their whole being bathes in love. Why should they look for it elsewhere? Why should they destroy this sensation of fulfilment for the sake of something that will bring burning coals pouring down on them? I am not against love, on the contrary, what I am saying is that you can learn to find it everywhere. For my part, this is what I do: I find love everywhere. In fact I find it in you too. You do not realise this, but you would be amazed to know how much love you all pour out on me.’

In the final extract, the master describes the life- changing, transformative effects that loving another being can have:

Love is a force that opens up great possibilities

‘At one time or another you have met a man or a woman who has inspired in you a deep feeling of affection. Did you notice the transformations that this feeling alone produced within you? Suddenly you began to think and behave differently, not only towards this person, but with everyone around you. Even your relationship with nature and objects changed. So many things that you did not see or feel before begin to reveal themselves to you, encouraging you to pursue other interests! Because love is a force and this force acts on you, it influences your mind, your will, and even your body and it opens up great possibilities for you.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

This video contains more short quotes plus a commentary by Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov on a passage by Peter Deunov:

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