The happiness of humanity lies in brotherhood

‘If Heaven ever gave me an opportunity to speak to the world this is what I would say: “Hear me, all you rich and poor, knowledgeable and ignorant! … The reason you are in trouble, the reason for all your problems and difficulties is that you do not know what is in your own  interest. If it is a question of making a profit out of someone or something, of finding excitement, of fighting, then you are ready, but to create the right conditions for humanity to live in happiness and peace, there is no one! And all because you have no idea where your own interest lies. You are not really seeking happiness. If you were you would unite in order to obtain I;  you would do anything to create it!’

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

The aim and ideal of the Great Universal White Brotherhood is to teach human beings to work for the whole world, not just for themselves. It is not easy, but it is when things are difficult that we show heaven whether or not we are loyal and true.

What are the barriers to universal brotherhood?

Is there anything to stop all human beings from being brothers and sisters, from forming a Great Universal White Brotherhood in the world?… What can stop them? The only thing that stops them is illusion, the illusion of thinking they are happier being separate from each other…but the years go by, and they are no happier. It is normal for everyone to want to live their own life; no one wants to change that: you do not have to be welded to other people nor assume their problems. You and your life remain separate and independent, but in the invisible world you are united, you form a unity.

Are the cells welded together in the human body or is each one individual? The cells in the heart are not the same as the cells in the stomach: each one is an individual, but their affinities, their common goal, create a state of harmony between them called health. No one is going to ask you to change your skin colour or your religion. Let everyone remain as they are, with their own particular qualities, but let there be understanding between them, a tolerance and understanding of each other that will form unity in the divine world.

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