Why do we watch the sunrise?

Surya Yoga  is one of the essential spiritual practices within the teaching of Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov. He urged us to watch the sunrise in spring and summer. It is our connection to the source of all life.

Why do we watch the sunrise? Why do we concentrate on it? In order to learn to mobilise all our thoughts, all our desires, and all our energies, and to direct them toward the realisation of the highest ideal.

A person who works to unify the many chaotic forces that pull them in every direction and to project them in a single, luminous and life-giving direction becomes such a powerful centre that their presence, like the sun, is able to radiate through space. Yes, those who manage to control the tendencies of their lower nature can spread these blessings over the whole of humanity, and become a sun. They live in such freedom that they expand the field of their consciousness so that all may benefit from the abundance of light and love that pour forth from them’.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

The sun is our connection to the spirit

Many disciples do their best to practise Surya Yoga during the six months of spring and summer. The sun is at its most powerful then. We try to make an intense spiritual connection with the sun and see it as a radiantly beautiful expression of all the divine qualities – the love, light and life-giving power of God.

As we contemplate the rising sun, the centre of the solar system, we draw closer to the inner sun of our spirit. We nourish all the divine seeds within us that need the warmth of the spiritual sun to awaken into life. We breathe in the prana that is abundant in the air at dawn and try to capture the sun’s first rays as they slowly appear above the horizon.

The sun awakens all our inner seeds

The creator has sown seeds in the soul, spirit, heart, mind and physical body of every human being, the seeds of gifts and qualities, of magical powers and all of heaven’s splendours. Only the light and warmth of the sun is capable of awakening these seeds and making them grow. The day human beings understand this and decide to draw nearer to the spiritual sun, all the seeds lying dormant in them will begin to sprout and grow and produce flowers and fruit.

I hope that these few words will give you an even greater desire to go and look at the sun. Expose yourself to its rays and let it do its work. And then you will feel a mass of tiny buds and seedlings beginning to grow within you. Of course, you are going to have to water them, otherwise they will whither away. The sun can contribute light and warmth but it cannot water your plants: that is your job. For the water they need is in you.

Water the seeds with love and faith

The sun does part of the work and we have to do the rest. It warms our plants, but it is up to us to water them with our love, faith, trust and enthusiasm. The sun expects us to lend a helping hand. If you leave it all the work, letting it warm you and doing nothing to help, the results will not be up to much.The shoots that spring up thanks to its warmth will die from lack of moisture.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov


Inspirational thoughts from Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov on Surya Yoga

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov recommended preparing ourselves for these encounters with light. He suggested a great many possible starting points for our meditations. These are found in the book  ‘The Splendour of Tiphereth.’

The slideshow contains extracts from the ‘Splendour of Tiphareth’ with some photos of the rising sun in all its glory.

We hope it encourages you to go and greet the sun in the morning!

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Just a reminder to protect your retina with sunglasses if you watch the sunrise!

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